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Blueberry Bang - flavored rooibos tea

Blueberry Bang - flavored rooibos tea

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Origin: South Africa / Canada / USA / Thailand / Spain
Antioxidant Level: low
Caffeine Level: none - Caffeine Free Herb

INFUSION: reddish orange to full color

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: sprightly fresh fruit character that conjures memories of tiny flavorful blueberries. The aroma portends a

wonderful taste experience.

STORY: blueberry bang, we admit, is a strange name for a cup of tea. But did you know the name actually comes from an old recipe of Eastern Canada? To explain we take you to 1930's New Brunswick. In those days a German immigrant named Frederick Wolfhasen began experimenting with new machines to facilitate the picking of the low growing wild blueberries that grew in abundance around his farm. Searching for the ultimate apparatus, Frederick built machines with pulleys, ropes, bicycle pedals, you name it. Everything went swimmingly until one day in August of 1934 when he fired up his latest invention, a diesel powered picker.


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