Izu Green Matcha, Loose - Matcha

Izu Green Matcha, Loose - Matcha

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Origin: Japan / Kenya
Antioxidant Level: very high
Caffeine Level: medium

INFUSION: thick, bright emerald green

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: has a jammy-like smoothness with a very satisfying full cup. Luxury grade style Japanese green tea and Gyokuro gives a light astringent finish.

STORY: there is perhaps no tea on the market today as celebrated or as famous as Matcha. The ancient Japanese who first created the tea believed it was gift of the heavens, and as such held great restorative and spiritual power here on earth. In fact, an ancient Japanese poet named Sen no Rikyu, considered to be the most important influence on the development of the tea ceremony, or Chanoyu, penned this line during the 1500's, "Though many people drink tea, if you do not know the Way of Tea (Chanoyu), tea will drink you up."

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