Our Mission

Delivering Quality

We source the world’s best coffee. Farmers, traders and customers are working together to create an uncompromised experience.

Always Committed

We strive for innovation and improvement. We know that extraordinary coffee is not the result of chance, but the product of hard work, skill, curiosity and an unyielding commitment to quality.

Celebrating Relationship

We work each day to change the way the world understands and experiences coffee, elevating a daily ritual into a culinary experience. We celebrate coffee’s agricultural origins and the dedicated professionals who devote their lives to coffee.

Fomenting Change

We embrace our responsibility to create positive change in the world. We use extraordinary coffee as our tool. We challenge traditional beliefs to create economic opportunity. We are stewards of the earth and advocates for our values of diversity, inclusion and equality.


We believe that the roasting process should be transparent and that it’s our responsibility to honor the hard work already invested in the coffee by roasting it to showcase its distinctive qualities.

Every roast cycle is like the arc of development in the belly of the roaster—each minute or experience is inextricably tied to the minute or experience before and after it. Our roasting team brings 15 years of roasting experience to work with them each day. It’s that depth of knowledge that allows them to welcome our longtime offerings back to the menu like greeting an old friend—warmly, with familiarity and a practiced eye for the nuanced ways the coffee may have changed from its last visit.

Roasting is one of the most delicate and critical parts of the chain of events leading to a good cup of coffee. We attempt to highlight what makes that particular variety or farm exciting, rather than imparting our own fingerprint. We're here to bring out the best in the coffee, and if we do our job correctly, no one should even be thinking about the roast when they drink it.

Our Story

We started roasting and retailing coffee in 2010. At the beginning we roasted in our shop on Robson Street, in West End, using rather old‑fashioned, direct-flame machines, first a small Diedrich roaster and then a 15 kilo Joper roaster from Portugal. Almost 3 years later in 2013, having working with many coffeeshops in Vancouver and outgrown our 2.5kg roaster in West End, we moved into a roasting facility near Marine Drive in Vancouver. And now after twelve years, we have upgraded our roasting site, where we have converted areas into a roasting, tasting and office space. In the roastery we have installed two roasters from Diedrich in California, USA and Joper from Portugal.