WestEnd's Choice

a rotating selection of our finest single-origin coffees. Fresh, delicous and always roast to order.

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WestEnd Classic

stick to the classics with one of our signature blends. Classics make life simple.

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Blend & Espresso Collection

All of our signature coffees for you to choose. Whether you are looking for blend or espresso, we got you covered.

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Unique Seasonal Selection

Every season, our roasting team finds unique coffeess around the world and we can't wait to share them with you.

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How it works

1. Choose your coffee

Choose from our three subscription options above. WestEnd's Choice and WestEnd Classics will automatically rotate every month and Unique Seasonal Selection every season, or choose from any of your favorite blends and espressos.

2. We roast and ship

Select your delivery frequency and we’ll ship it based on your coffee needs.

3. Drink up and enjoy!

Brew it how you like and take a minute to savor the perks of freshly roasted coffee. Want to mix it up? Customize your coffee, quantity, or frequency anytime, it’s easy.


Why subscribe?

Get WestEnd’s freshest coffees delivered to your door, with free shipping included on each order. Plus, subscribers get early access to presales of limited release coffees and merch.

How do I change my subscription frequency or quantity?

Yes! Please reach out to info@westendcoffee.ca and they are happy to help.

Can I change my subscription grind setting?

Yes! Please reach out to info@westendcoffee.ca and they are happy to help.

Can I make changes to my subscription?

Yes. You have total control over your subscription in the My Subscriptions section of your Account. Cancel, skip, or postpone your subscription at any time.