Hibiscus, Loose - Herbal Tea

Hibiscus, Loose - Herbal Tea

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Origin: Egypt
Antioxidant Level: low
Caffeine Level: none - Caffeine Free

INFUSION: scarlet red to deep burgundy

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: a lovely deep red infusion similar to grenadine with a taste close to lemonade.

STORY: in history every herb and flower has a symbolic meaning. Hibiscus means grace and beauty. Hibiscus (hibiscus abelmoschus and hibiscus sabdariffa) a native to Africa is related to a bushy ornamental shrub that decorates many tropical gardens has become a popular showy houseplant in Europe and North America and is a flowery accessory to many young women in the tropics. The calyces (often referred to as the hibiscus flower itself), which form the outer covering of the flower buds, are dried and used to make a rosy citrus flavored tea.

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