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Last Mango in Paris - herb and fruit tea

Last Mango in Paris - herb and fruit tea

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Origin: Apple pieces, Hibiscus petals, Rosehip + Mango + Pineapple + Elderberry + Orange pieces, Natural flavors (organic compliant)

Antioxidant Level: low

Caffeine Level: none

INFUSION: rosy tending red

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: the unsurpassable flavor of Micronesian mangos makes love to the taste buds. Fruity, lively and bright. Start a new affair!

STORY: Introducing an herbal tea that's sure to make as big a splash as Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci's 1972 film, Last Tango in Paris. If you haven't seen the film, suffice it to say that when it was released it was met with so much steamy controversy that Bertolucci was handed a 4 month suspended prison sentence by an Italian court. The court also ordered that all copies of the film be destroyed! Ooh la la! As you might have guessed, we can't really go into the nuts and bolts of the film which chronicles the sexual escapades of an American widower, played by Marlon Brando and the object of his, ahem, affection, a Parisian woman many years his junior. What we can tell you is that the film, like a pot of herbal tea, is hot stuff! Phew!
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