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Oolong Goji Berry - flavored oolong tea

Oolong Goji Berry - flavored oolong tea

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Origin: China / Poland / Egypt
Antioxidant Level: very high
Caffeine Level: low

INFUSION: bright and sparkling pale green with gold yellow highlights

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Super taste tending lightly fruit sweet with a classic floral oolong finish. Good tea that is good for you.

STORY: While it is only in recent years that the Goji Berry has begun garnering attention from mainstream health and wellness writers, the berry, which is actually the fruit of the Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense bush, has been getting rave reviews in China since at least the Tang Dynasty (618-907). During that time, poet Yu-Xi Lu wrote a poem in which he claimed that simply drinking water from a well near a Goji berry bush could help extend your time here on earth.
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