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Oolong Loire Valley Peach - flavored oolong tea

Oolong Loire Valley Peach - flavored oolong tea

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Origin: China / Thailand / Poland / Egypt
Antioxidant Level: very high
Caffeine Level: low

INFUSION: bright and sparkling pale green with gold yellow highlights

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Lightly peach with blushing delicious astringency enhancing a Ti Kuan Yin Oolong.

STORY: There is nothing quite like waking up on a summer morning in France's Loire Valley. Sunlight filters in through the curtains of your pensione, (a small European style hotel). Birds sing from their perches in the trees lining the square of the village in which you've rested your head, while in the street below, farmers from the surrounding countryside set up stalls to sell their wares. You rise, and make your way downstairs where a pot of fresh tea awaits, laid out at table with fresh baguette, croissant and fresh fruit. In a word, it is paradise.
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