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Sumatra Pantan Musara - medium roast

Sumatra Pantan Musara - medium roast

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Roast Level
  • Country: Sumatra
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Aceh
  • Elevation: 1550 MASL
  • Variety: Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, and Timor
  • Harvest: November-January, April-May
  • Roast Level: Medium
Tasting Notes:

Heavy and sweet with tart, citric acidity; dark chocolate, cocoa, and molasses flavors.

This coffee comes from a small mill in the Pegasing district of Takengon, in Sumatra's coffee-famous Aceh region. The mill serves several small coffee producers within the Pantan Musara villages; several years ago, these producers were dislocated from their homes and land because of a natural disaster, and they have rebuilt their lives and farms with a new focus on coffee. Unlike the vast majority of other Sumatran coffee receiving and processing centers, this mill is producing Washed coffees, as well as Naturals.
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