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Yorkshire Harrogate - english favourites tea

Yorkshire Harrogate - english favourites tea

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Origin: Kenya / India / China
Antioxidant Level: high
Caffeine Level: medium

INFUSION: bright and coppery

CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Few teas have such rich fullness and flavor. A light astringent cup becomes golden bright with milk.

STORY: It is immensely fitting that Harrogate, Yorkshire; a city in central England should have a tea named after it. Why? There are a few reasons. The first is that the city is known for its water - the prime ingredient in a fresh hot cuppa! The city is home to many ancient wells, most famously, the Tewitt well discovered by one William Slingsby sometime during the 1700's. Slingsby believed that Harrogate's water supply had healing properties and the ability to cure almost anything.
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